Agenda: more speakers unveiled!

Our Codemotion Rome Conference is approaching at pace, so we’re so excited to announce some more speakers who will rock the stage on March, 22-23 at Ingegneria Civile Roma Tre. Curious to know their names and background? Have a look below and secure your spot now if you are still without a ticket!

  • CLAUS IBSEN (Red Hat) is a Sr Principal Software Engineer who works primarily as the project lead on Apache Camel. Read his full bio here.
  • SARA MICHELAZZO (ThoughWorks) is a Lead Consultant Experience Designer with a focus on global organizations and digital transformation projects. Get to know her here.
  • GIANLUCA VARISCO (Arduino) is a Chief Information Security Officer and he covers many fields like corporate security, information protection, and network security. More details here.
  • JAREK RATAJSKI (Engenius) is an Anarchitect with 15 years of experience developing JEE software for various companies and projects. More info here.

  • IVAN JOVANOVIC (NearForm) is a Sr Software Engineer with a focus on scalable JavaScript applications. Read more about him here.
  • HORACIO GONZALEZ (OVH) describes himself as Software Engineer by day, leader of the FinistJUG, GDG Finistère and BreizhBeans communities by night. His bio is here.
  • ANDREA COSENTINO (Red Hat) is a Sr Software Engineer but also member of Red Hat Fuse Engineering Team. Want to know more? Click here.

  • GIOVANNI MELLINI (Enav S.p.A.) is Head of Information, Systems and Network Security but also founder and president of Cyber Saiyan, a no-profit organization founded to spread cybersecurity and ethical hacking culture. Read his full bio here.
  • SANDER MAK (Luminis) is a Fellow at Luminis in The Netherlands, where he crafts modular and scalable software. Here you can discover more about him.
  • JOHN MUM (Wallaroo Labs) is Lead Software Engineer and he is currently working on an open source high-performance framework. More details here.
  • MIKE CHERNEV (ING) is a Software Engineer with a passion for software but also processes and people around them. Get to know him here.

  • ALBERTO MASSIDDA (Sourcesense) is a ML/DL Advocate with 10 years of experience from devops to machine learning, and more. Read it all here.
  • JAVIER LASA (Prisa Tecnología) is Head of Product Innovation Multimedia and Mobility with more than 15 years of experience. Get to know him here.
  • ALBERTO FORNI (Balsamiq) is Sr Software Developer and he works on the core and web team. More info here.
  • LUCA CIPRIANI (Arduino) is CIO and Cloud Business Manager, but also Linux user and DevOps advocate. His bio is available here.

  • NICOLA FERRARO (Red Hat) is Sr Software Engineer, Apache Camel PMC member, creator of Camel K, and more. Get to know him better here.
  • MATTEO ANTONY MISTRETTA (Inglorious Coderz) is a consultant and founder of Inglorious Coderz, and he currently develops web and mobile projects. His full bio is here.
  • GABRIELE PETRONELLA (Buildo) is Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Buildo, working in his company with Scala and JavaScript. Read more details here.

Now, secure your seat by getting your Regular Ticket.

See you there!

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