Domiziana Suprani

Producer - Studio Evil

In 2013 she completes her academic studies at the Università di Bologna and the École normale supérieure de Lyon with a master degree in Computer Science. Since 2011 she works for Studio Evil, for which she currently serves as producer for both gaming and virtual reality products. Studio Evil has released three proprietary titles on Steam and consoles and has collaborated with clients such as Motul, Ducati, FAAC, Heineken e Italian Resuscitation Council. She is part of the European community of Super Smash Bros. Melee, both as a player and eSports tournaments organizer, since 2006.

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To dog or not to dog. A 4 years long history about developing a game

The development process of Super Cane Magic ZERO has been pretty unique and full of ups and downs. Thinking a game about someone else IP, dealing with an established fanbase, managing a crowdfunding with almost nothing except an idea and handling 4 years of development. Our experience has been exhausting and incredibly positive, we learned a lot about how to do it the right way, by constantly making errors.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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