Codemotion Rank

Codemotion Rank


Since we like experimenting, innovating and challenging ourselves, we are happy to present “Codemotion Rank”, an exclusive series of coding challenges that we’ll run during the Codemotion Milan 19 Conference!

What: 15 minutes sessions on 4 different challenges (Java, Javascript, Angular, PHP) where participants will solve logical problems by writing a good algorithm in the chosen programming language.






Who: the challenges are open to the attendees of Codemotion Milan 19 who love technology and online competitions.

Requirements: talent, passion, and ability to code.

Where: Codemotion Rank Corner in the Exhibition Area

When: 24th October from 11.00 AM to 5.20 PM & 25th October from 11.00 AM to 4.20 PM

Prize Awarding for the best developers on 25th October at 6 PM in the main stage

How: if you’re interested in competing, register now to the form below. You will also be able to register during the Conference itself.



So… Are you the best developer in the world? Show us on October, 24-25!