Brian Christner

Co-Founder / SRE - 56K.Cloud

Brian Christner hails from Arizona but now resides in the Alps of Switzerland. Brian's spent a large portion of his career in the casino industry where he made sure the house always won. Brian is a nominated member of the Docker Captain’s program and a seasoned cloud architect. He is also a cloud subject matter expert in the topics of Docker, Cloud Native, DevOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, and of course container monitoring. Brian is passionate about advocating for cloud and containers.

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Monitor Everything/*

Monitoring is no longer just about IT Infrastructure but everything around our business that could have an influence. Think outside the office walls and broaden the horizons of our monitoring reach. Everything has the possibility to be monitored. The more we monitor the better decisions we can make.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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