Joe Birch

Senior Engineer - Buffer

Hi, my names Joe. I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Pay and Flutter based in Brighton, UK working on the Android team at Buffer. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, the web, TV, wearables and I’ll probably be toying with whatever the new thing is at the time you’re reading this – I love to be constantly learning. I’m also a keen writer as I love to share my learnings and experiences with others.

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Building an accessible guitar powered Actions on Google

I've always loved playing guitar - but I feel it's something that I've always taken for granted. Whilst I was able to pick up a guitar and start teaching myself how to play, that experience might not be the same for everyone. That's why I decided to build a smart, accessible guitar that would allow others to experience the joy of music with less of hurdle to do so. Powered by Actions on Google, Firebase, Dialogflow and Google Cloud - the Chord Assist smart guitar allows people who are blind, deaf or mute to be able to learn, play and tune their guitar. In this talk I want to share the journe

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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