Diwanshi Pandey

Application Developer - Red Hat

Diwanshi is a Mozilla TechSpeaker and works for RedHat, Pune, India as an Application Developer. She talks about Privacy and Security over the web, javascript, open source. She is passionate about different kinds of cuisines and would love to talk about it more with diverse group of people.

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Beyond the Basics: Get started with Web Assembly

WebAssembly is a brand new web technology with massive potential. It will have a significant impact on how web applications are developed in the future. The session will cover: What is Web Assembly? Why we need it? What does it mean for Javascript? 2 short Demos using Rust and WASM Javascript API(s) Demo 1: A basic "Hello World" program Demo 2: A 3D cube running in the browser using Rust and WASM

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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