Fabio Biondi

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Fabio is both a community leader and a frequent contributor in many Italian front-end usergroups (Angular, React, Javascript). He's a Google Developer Expert in Angular with more than ten years of experience in developing enterprise level applications, interactive experiences and UI components in several languages and web technologies. Currently, he holds meetups, events and training courses all over Italy. His particular specialism is front-end applications and related aspects, both visuals and architectural. He daily uses cutting-edge libraries and frameworks offering training, development.

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Live Coding: state managers in Angular applications with Redux & NGRX

Una sessione di live coding tramite la quale verrà affrontata l’integrazione di NGRX in applicazioni Angular (8) focalizzandoci sulla gestione dello stato applicativo. Dopo una breve panoramica sull’organizzazione di progetti enterprise, sul pattern Redux e sui vantaggi di utilizzare Typescript in applicazioni enterprise, si analizzeranno tutti i costrutti necessari per implementare correttamente questo state manager: reducer e meta-reducer, utilizzo di middleware (effects), azioni, selettori, entity, redux router.

Language: Italian

Level: Advanced

Videos and slides not available

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