Luca Relandini

Solution Architect - Cisco Systems

I’m a Principal Architect at Cisco, in a European team focused on Data Center, Automation and Cloud. I work at IT and cloud projects using both Cisco's software/hardware products, open source and 3rd party products. After a career as Enterprise Architect in the IT industry at large enterprises, system integrators and software vendors I learned that the human factor (i.e. experienced people plus organization and governance, as well as alignment between Business and IT Strategies, and a sound architectural design that never hurts) is more important than technology as a success factor

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Let's teach Alexa to use Cisco's multicloud API to deploy and manage applications

Do you dream of deploying a database, a web server or a complete application without touching your keyboard? Would you like to have an assistant that does it for you, just asking (with or without adding... please), in your data center or in the cloud? You will learn the architecture and the programming model for Alexa while building a powerful skill together from scratch. You will explore the API exposed by the Cisco multicloud software and learn how to integrate them from a Lambda serverless function, to execute tasks that could be long and complex if done manually.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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