Akhilesh Gupta

Sr. Staff Engineer - LinkedIn

Akhilesh is the technical lead for LinkedIn's Real-time delivery infrastructure and LinkedIn Messaging. He has been working on the revamp of LinkedIn’s offerings to instant, real-time experiences. Before this, he was the head of engineering for the Ride Experience program at Uber Technologies in San Francisco where he led a large team of backend, web, iOS and Android engineers to build delightful mobile products and infrastructure for the core Uber rider application. He holds a Masters degree in CS from Stanford University.

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A million likes/second: Real-time interactions on Live Video

When Reid Hoffman will stream a live video about Startups on LinkedIn, thousands of viewers will watch it concurrently. Hundreds of likes/comments on the video will be distributed in real-time to all of these viewers. That amounts to a million likes/second per live video. How do we make this massive real-time interaction possible across the globe? In this talk, I’ll do a technical deep-dive into how we use the Play Framework and the Akka actor model to enable live video interactions like concurrent viewer counts and real-time likes/comments at massive scale.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

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