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Working as a developer, I encountered many issues along my different projects : it took 1 day and a half to install the app on my personal laptop, the deployment is not working and I do not understand why ... That's why I decided to understand the ops world and I co-founded Padok a company helping you to take the advantages of the cloud to develop faster.

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6 weeks to migrate!

Few months ago I met a team: 8 developers working on a B2C app of car renting. They were tired, so tired ... Their vagrant was slow, the server crashed two or three times a week without restarting and without any logs, a roll out to production took 2 days to be tested, by hand ... Together we decided to react, let's have the Roll's Royce of the development environnement! Thus I've dockerized the app, I've created a Kubernetes cluster, I've added Spinnaker to the loop and some other stuff. We had some up and down, some smile and tear, but we finally did it and we have no regret. That what's I w

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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