Derek Briggs

Software-Developer - Self-Employed

I am a self taught developer. My specialties are mobile and game development. My primary languages are Kotlin/Java and Ruby. I am a Linux poweruser, and FOSS advocate.

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Exploring Programming Patterns Through Game Development

This talk will teach you about some of the programming patterns, that are commonly used in Game Development. I will be showing real world of examples, of patterns like Finite State Machine, and ECS Architecture, used in video games. I will talk about how to implement these patterns in games, why you would want to use these patterns in games, and I will talk about when to use some of these patterns, in software projects, that are not video games. I will be using Kotlin in most code samples, but knowing Kotlin, will not be required to learn something from this talk.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available