Felipe Bernardes

Sr. Front End Developer - Toptal

I’m a Brazilian Front End freelancer living in Sorocaba. Currently, I work remotely as a Sr Front End Developer at BabyCenter.com, the biggest and best parenthood content website. I enjoy to travel, learn, teach, design user interfaces and code web/mobile apps. I also play guitar and drums, and I suck at both. What drives my work is to build a better web for people — by sharing knowledge through talks, organising tech communities and specially by building things that positively impact people.

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An Animated Poem built with CSS Drawings & Animations (CodePen Show & Tell)

During a surgery recovery in 2017, I've spent 10 hours writing a creative animated poem using HTML+CSS, which ended up being featured on CodePen front page. In this talk, I'll present my creation in a "show & tell" way, and share what I've learned about the importance of creative side-projects, and the impact of it in my career since then. I intent to inspire both technology newcomers and experienced people to look at personal side projects in a different way.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available