Marcos Iglesias Valle

Sr. Software Engineer - Eventbrite

Marcos Iglesias is a Senior Software Engineer who builds compelling user interfaces at Eventbrite. Marcos is passionate about improving developer efficiency, building tools and setting up processes to save his peers both time and effort. On top of all that, he enjoys writing and editing for Eventbrite's Engineering blog, giving talks and maintaining Britecharts, the open source charting library.

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Performance Budgets: The what, why and how

It is painful to argue with design and product about every feature that needs to be built. A Performance Budget is a group of limits to certain web performance metrics. Setting one early simplifies the conversation around feature development with a clear reference to frame decisions about what can and can’t be included. Come and learn why Performance Budgets are so useful. We’ll discuss how you can use them and how to choose the right metrics to keep track of them. You will discover a drama-free way of approaching the performance discussion.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Videos and slides not available