Ivan Culjak

Cloud Solution Architect - Celeste Maze

Ivan is a .NET freelance developer in love with Azure, Xamarin, and the idea of automating whatever. He's also an Microsoft MVP for Azure <3. When he’s not developing something new, he’s salvaging something inherited, consulting with enthusiasm, and testing and breaking new technologies in a quest for something useful.

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Serverless Beyond Tutorials

There's a huge hype around serverless and the idea that the only thing you need to do is write some business logic code. There are a lot of cases where this is true, especially if you're using serverless for background jobs without much concern when it will finish processing. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of cases where things aren't so peachy, where you still need to worry about latency, performance, and scaling. We'll start with discussing the granularity of your functions, and their "distribution" among multiple functions apps/deployments you might have, as well as options and laten

Language: English

Level: Advanced

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