Thiago de Faria

Head of Solutions Engineering - LINKIT

Thiago started in Pure Mathematics, jumped to predicting things and realized it was utterly dependent on understanding the inner bits of software development and data pipelines. Thus, his primary concern changed: how to bridge the gap between ML and production? :-) DataOps FTW! He is an active part of the community (devopsdays Amsterdam, ITNEXT & Codemotion), a knowledge-sharer, a proud father and a DataOps Lead. Thiago is pathologically curious and a continuous learner. He knows that high-performing data teams must decrease time-to-market and build production-ready applications, always!

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Torching architecture ivory towers

Domain architects, business architects, enterprise architects, and many layers of these live in an ivory tower, surrounded by diagrams, lines & when confronted with new ideas recite parchments of Gartner Quadrants to justify their choices. Also, yes, some of them haven't written a line code for 10-15 years... Isn't there a better and faster way to design and architect your systems? By the end of this talk, engineers will understand more why they all should engage in architecture discussions, feel comfortable questioning how things are done and propose a new Architecture Stream.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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