Raffaella Isidori

Founder/Creative Director - thesign.it

I build brands and design the communication for businesses around the world and assist companies in localizing (Ita/Eng) their brands, products, and messages. Besides that, I design (UX/graphic/visual/digital/print), study, teach, take pictures, write, translate & coach professionals on communication and language. Curious as a cat, and in love with diversities, I collect books, fonts, spices, and essential oils. I live and work in the countryside (mostly Italian), surrounded by flora & fauna, where I cultivate dreams, and push boundaries. Online, I'm Zetaraffix

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Mindful design: designing for purpose and inclusion

While the notion of mindfulness has had a resurgence as a buzz word, its profound and most deep meaning goes beyond light meditation and colouring books: mindfulness is a state of being, an approach to life (and to our work, regardless of its genre) that calls for presence and awareness, care and purpose. Living mindfully, designing mindfully, coding mindfully can be extremely rewarding, for us and for the fruitors of our work. The talk describes the basic principles of mindfulness, illustrates the benefits and introduces the notion of mindfulness as applied to the practice of design

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Videos and slides not available

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