Last week to get an Early Bird Ticket!

Time flies fast and the chance to get an Early Bird ticket and save up to €200 is getting lower.

The Early Bird ticket sale will end on Friday 31st, so you have only 5 days left to save your seat at the best price.




Aren’t you convinced enough to get your ticket? Here 5 good reasons to join next edition of Codemotion Berlin

–> First class speakers.

Our complete agenda has not been announced yet, but some speakers are already been revealed. Among them, you will find

Richard Feldman, the author of “Elm in Action” and member of the Elm Core Team who will discuss about Predicting the Future of Web Development
Katrine Owen, a software engineer at GitHub, who will presents in her talk an end-to-end refactoring that demonstrates simple strategies to improve process and design.
Dave Cheney, currently a member of the technical staff at VMware, is a project member for the Go programming language and, of course, he will bring to Codemotion his expertise in Go
Andrea Falcone, Senior Software Engineer at Google, she is working on Androidx building libraries and will support you in your first AOSP contribution.
Dr J Harrison joined ThoughtWorks as a Business Analyst, after more than 20 years experience in building service teams for Symbian and then Nokia. They will talk about diversity and being Genderqueer in a corporate world.

–> Many different topics (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture, Blockchain, DevOps, Voice and Digital Assistant, IoT and many others) in 6 parallel stages

–> Networking Opportunities with like-minded people and talks on cutting edge tecnologies provides you with a real opportunity to make a leap on you tech growth /Tech Carrier

–> Inspirational Tech Talks: our conferences have dynamite keynote sessions and an entire track devoted to inspirational tech talks. A good starting point to be updated on the latest technologies.

–> Our workshops and codelabs hands-on – included in the Conference experience – offer a practical approach that can help you become a better developer.

Act quick! And get your Early Bird Ticket now!



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