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We are immersed in a new Digital revolution which will transform the daily life of people and businesses. Future life will gravitate around management and processing of context data which describes what is going on, where, when, why, involving whom.  Context is meaningful in the farm, describing what is the state of the crops and soil, the weather forecast or the demand for customers. In energy plants describing the status of the plant and the predicted energy demand.  In cities. At homes. Capturing, management, processing, analysis and visualization of context data will be at the core of solutions in the domain of Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood or any other “smart” domain.

FIWARE is the open source initiative that has driven the creation of a standard API for Context Information Management and provides a curated catalogue of open source components around, helping you to architect next-generation smart solutions.  The fact that this API is now a standard adopted by ETSI or that FIWARE Context Broker technology has been selected to bring the basis for sharing right-time context data across Europe is boosting the adoption of the technology.

FIWARE experts will be accompanying us in Codemotion Berlin 2019 to talk about the latest developments of the FIWARE Community and drive a “hands on” session on how the technology can be used to create standard-based Smart Applications. They will also be there running interviews for several job positions they have opened and now are published on our job portal.

But that is not all! … We are happy to announce that Codemotion and the FIWARE Foundation have reached a great deal by means of which you will get access to both Codemotion and FIWARE Global Summit 2019 editions in Berlin, for almost the same price of a single ticket! The FIWARE Global Summit is the event where you will have the opportunity to learn all about FIWARE, understand how the technology can be used, listen to the testimonies of those who have used it and follow up current FIWARE roadmap discussions involving reputed technical experts in areas such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, Robotics, AI, IoT or Data Marketplaces.  Check more details in the agenda of the FIWARE Global Summit and run for your tickets since this special two-for-the-price-of-one offering will be limited to the first 75 developers who buy the ticket!


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