Deploying and Upgrading with Zero Downtime in Elixir


One of the amazing things about Elixir (and Erlang) is that you can upgrade software without any downtime or user interruption. I will show how to build a release to deploy an Elixir application and then how to change configuration and roll new upgrades with AppUps. So you can constantly be updating your software without any interruption to critical business services. I will also show some of the common faults in doing live updates that users should look out for.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Zachary Kessin

Host - Elixir Training / The Beam Channel

Zachary Kessin has been developing for the web for over 20 years. He has worked in Perl, PHP, Javascript, Scheme and most recently Erlang. He is also the host of the Mostly Erlang Podcast and author of Building Web applications with Erlang. Given a chance he will talk at length about why you should use QuickCheck for testing

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