Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Search (But Were Afraid to Ask)


Do you really know how search engines work? In this talk I will walk you through the most popular approaches, algorithms, data structures, techniques, and tools. Moreover, search is not just about queries and ranked results, but there are many other features such as auto-complete suggestions, alerts, geo-search... This talk is not meant to be only about theory, but we will see how to practically approach and build a search engine. Attending this talk won't make you a search engine engineer, but you will end up having the basic knowledge of a real search engine.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Antonio Mallia

PhD Fellow - New York University

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. with a focus on advancing efficiency in Information Retrieval for large-scale systems. I am part of the Web Exploration and Search Technology Lab at New York University where I explore new techniques and architectures for web search and related problems. Passionate about algorithms, data structures, distributed systems and software design.

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