Horacio Gonzalez

Developer Advocate - OVH

Spaniard lost in Brittany, unconformist coder, webdev craftsman, dreamer and all-around geek. Software Engineer by day, leader of the FinistJUG, GDG Finistère and BreizhBeans communities by night, Horacio fell into web programming in 1997, and he has never left it. After some years as @warp10io frontend leader as Cityzen Data, Horacio currently works as developer advocate at OVH. He is a frequent speaker at conferences like Devoxx, Devoxx France, Codemotion, DevFest Nantes, BreizhCamp,...

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Rediscover the known Universe with NASA datasets

For many years humanity has been exploring the skies, dreaming of interstellar voyages and new planetary colonies. And you, do you want to go with us to discover the universe? It turns out that NASA has a great public dataset. One of then, the Kepler project dataset, is used by scientists to search for exoplanets, that is, planets outside our solar system. What if you could search for exoplanets by your own, using IT tools and a developer approach? In this talk we introduce you to the HelloExoWorld project that does just that. Join us, and help us to discover exoplanets!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Videos and slides not available

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