Hangar: version control for tensor data. Commit, branch, merge, and collaborate in the era of data-defined software.


With the pervasive adoption of machine learning in software systems, development is entering an era where the behavior of programs critically depends on the data they were trained on. In this setting, data is the new source code, and this opens the door to challenges like versioning and collaboration on numerical data. Enter Hangar, an open-source tool by [tensor]werk that brings Git-style version control to n-dimensional arrays. It supports versioning, branching, merging, time-travel, diffing, remote repositories and partial fetching, with data loaders for the major deep learning frameworks.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Luca Antiga

CEO - [tensor]werk

Luca is co-founder at [tensor]werk, a NY-based start-up developing infrastructure for data-defined software, and Orobix, an AI engineering and service company based in Bergamo, Italy. He currently focuses on creating tools for the new generation of AI-powered software developers and on building AI systems for the real-world. He has contributed to PyTorch and now leads the development of RedisAI. He is co-author of Deep Learning with PyTorch for Manning. He has a PhD in Bioengineering and worked in medical image analysis research across the 2000's.

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