Codemotion Madrid 2019: dates announced!

 We are very happy to announce the brand new dates for our Codemotion Madrid 2019 event: it will take place on September, 24-25 at Kinépolis.

After the last edition, and the comments and reactions we received regarding the overlap with two conferences (Codemotion and CommitConf) in the same month, we decided to do everything possible to meet communities’ needs, which are our priority.

The Communities, our heart since the beginning

Codemotion was born right from an Italian community. In 2006 two friends members of the Java User Group in Rome (Chiara and Mara) started to organize an event in that city that could be attractive for the vibrant Java Communities in the country. Coordinated and organized during weekends, nights, and free time, they created Java Day. In 2011 that experience contributed to shaping a conference for all languages and communities: Codemotion Rome. For the next couple of years, the event was organized as a hobby and replicated in Madrid and Berlin. In 2013 Codemotion was finally settled as a company, where Mara and Chiara kept working with the same passion of the first day, along with their team.

The new dates

After having talked with Commit, we decided to give us a step and change the dates already mentioned although Codemotion Madrid has always been in November, and also this year we would have liked to organize the Conference in that month.

In any case, this change will let communities attend both conferences freely, without any restriction or exception.

As we already said, communities have been, are, and forever will be the heart of Codemotion, and our team will constantly work focusing on them.

We hope to see you all in September to share coding and emotion, or better said, Codemotion <3

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