James Birnie

Lead Developer - ThoughtWorks

I started working in software delivery in the late 1990s when TDD was something you studied but never did and a pipeline was something for carrying oil. In 2005 I joined a startup and started to feel I could really make a difference. After nearly 10 years I moved on to a career in consultancy with ThoughtWorks. After 3 years I still feel like every day is different. I'm constantly meeting great people, learning new things, finding new challenges and helping to solve different problems.

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Using Many Worlds of Compute Power with Quantum

Quantum computers can use all of the possible pathways generated by quantum decisions to solve problems that will forever remain intractable to classical compute power. As the mega players vie for quantum supremacy and Rigetti announces its $1M "quantum advantage" prize, we live in exciting times. IBM-Q and Microsoft Q# are two ways you can learn to program quantum computers so that you're ready when the quantum revolution comes. I'll demonstrate some quantum solutions to problems that will forever be out of reach of classical, including organic chemistry and large number factorisation.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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