• Invest in yourself 
  • DevOps, Cybersecurity, Frontend, Bigdata...
  • Inspirational Tech Talks  
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Meet your tech heroes 
  • Meet the leading tech companies 
  • Build new skills
  • Networking Opportunities with like-minded people


Codemotion is the leading tech conference in EMEA on the basis on number of annual events and countries.

Codemotion is the large multitrack tech conference for software developers and IT professionals. 2 days, 6 parallel tracks, 14 topics: Devops, Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Inspirational, GameDev, IoT Big Data, Front-end, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Serverless, Software Architecture, AR/MR/VR, Design, UX.

Codemotion would serve as the catalyst for savvy IT professionals, eager Developers, smart Tech Communities and disruptive Startuppers to easily improve the strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate business growth.

Codemotion will bring to Amsterdam more than 60 international renowned speakers, hundreds of tech leaders, innovative business owners and the leading tech companies together for a two-day event designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every topic about software development.


  • Invest in yourself The pace of our industry ensures that there will always be fresh content on new technologies, the latest practices and innovative techniques: joining Codemotion Amsterdam is like receiving an instant power-up. Most of our talks have a practical approach: you will learn best practices and case studies that will help you become better developer.
  • DevOps, Cybersecurity, Frontend, Bigdata... At Codemotion Amsterdam you and your colleagues will deep dive into the lastest and most effective technologies: our speakers are all professionals who juggle real-life projects and handle real-life clients, thus they perfectly know how to share the ultimate tips to support the challenges that you and your team may be facing in your daily work: actionable insights that you can apply to your projects right away.  
  • + 60 international speakers, 6 parallel stages, 14 tracks Codemotion Amsterdam is a large multitrack conference. More than 60 international speakers will deliver their talks on Frontend, Backend, Microservices, IoT and many more: remember to mark the sessions you are going to follow in advance.
  • Meet your tech heroes It's not easy to have the opportunity to meet face to face with our tech heroes, but your chances are greatly improved when you’re sharing the same space. 
  • Inspirational Tech Talks Our conferences have dynamite keynote sessions and an entire track devoted to inspirational tech talks. A good starting point to be updated on the latest technologies.
  • Establish a culture of innovation At Codemotion Amsterdam your team will be pushed to break out from their comfort zone: attending our conference is a great way to pick up new, fresh ideas and bring them back at the office. 
  • Cutting edge technologies. The better way to shape your business is to know which technologies will lead the tech scene tomorrow. Getting to know what’s coming, it's invaluable for planning the next year’s budget.
  • Build new skills Attending a conference is a great way to build new skills, or at least learn about what new skills you still need to develop. By attending our Conference, you'll gain the opportunity to see how others solve the same problems you are facing, or discover other ways to implement them.
  • Meet the leading tech companies Some of the leading tech companies will join Codemotion Amsterdam 2019
  • Networking Opportunities with like-minded people Our legendary networking aperitiv is the right place to be to mix and mingle with your peers, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. At our coffee break you may find yourself sitting next to your next employer or colleague: there’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people. 

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