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with his talk “Concerning Modules” –  Our systems are bloated, buggy, unmaintainable, and all too often too slow. It is well understood that the solution is modularity, but modularity itself is not well understood. What is modularity? How can we recognize it? How can a better understanding of modularity help us to make better programs? The answers to these questions can be found in The Lost Wisdom of the Seventies.

with his talk Artificial intelligence and human identity” –  The trend is crystal clear: we have entered an era in which computersystems have become self-learning. And systems of this kind are acquiring more and more skills that we have so far regarded as purely human. Intelligent systems that can hear, see, read and speak. But they can also recognise people’s emotions; ever better and more refined. These developments have led to doubt about who we are and how we should relate to new technology. What skills are we willing to lose and outsource to new technology? How do we guard our human identity in an ever faster changing digital world?


Let’s take a look on some of our speakers’ talks: 


  • Heleen Engelen – Talk: Designing the patient & Staff experience in HealthCare
  • Don Goodman-Wilson – Talk: Chinese food, motor scooters, and open source development
  • Elton Stoneman – Talk: Just what is a “service mesh”, and if I get one will it make everything OK?
  • Danny Banks – Talk: Building Consistent Cross-Platform Interfaces
  • Pieter Omvlee – Talk:  The story behind Sketch and the quest to conquer the design world
  • Stefanie Grewenig – Talk: Invest your Social Capital for Change!
  • Katie Koschland – Talk: Ready, Steady, Crash! My load testing journey …and how it came crashing down!
  • Sander Hoogendoorn –  Talk: Welcome to the world of micro-apps How to get the most of front-end microservices
  • Tianyu Pu –  Talk: The Reason for ReasonML
  • Desy Kristianti –  Talk: Building a network of APIs for a future-proof integrated architecture
  • Mete Atamel –  Talk: Serverless with Knative


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