When they really understood to be a team

by Annarita De Biase

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Quality Assurance is not only made of “test execution”, it is something really different. It is a mindset.Do you think that only “testers” have this mindset? What if everybody like developers, testers and business peolple had it?Annarita will talk about how her work life changed when her team really understood what quality assurance is, how devs changed their approach to development and how their product has become better.

Annarita De Biase
QA Manager, Soldo

I had worked in different QA contexts for almost 13 years, working on frontend and backend, website and mobile. Assiduous reader of management skills improvement books. Comfortable to handle a good coexistence of technical needs and business requirements. Experience, studies and instinct make me good in organising priorities, designing team direction, improving processes and bringing out the innate abilities of people working with me.