Web Components at Enterprise Scale

by Philippe Ozil

Web English

Web components, built on standardised web platform APIs, offer developers the opportunity to build apps with custom HTML elements that are encapsulated, reusable, and compatible with a wide range of frameworks and modern browsers.

Discover why and how Salesforce created its own web component engine for both internal developers and JavaScript developers in the customer and partner ecosystem. You will learn how you can craft, build, and run your own Lightning Web Components.

Philippe Ozil
Developer Evangelist, Salesforce

Philippe Ozil is a Developer Evangelist with Salesforce since 2016. His role is to empower the Salesforce developer community. He communicates around platform innovations and teaches development best practices. He is a frequent conference speaker. When not presenting, he blogs, writes learning material for Trailhead, shares OSS contributions or builds demos that involve exiting technology such as robots and VR/AR. On top of being a Salesforce expert, Philippe is a full stack developer and has a past in the BPM (Business Process Management) industry.