The Power of Blockchain: Live coding a game with a smart contract on Ethereum

by Stefan van den Oord & Mark Spanbroek

Blockchain English

Learn how to start developing a Blockchain app. No boring Powerpoint, long lists, or unintelligible theory... in this webinar, we demonstrate live how you can easily make a "trusted by all" application by leveraging the Power of Blockchain.

We create a guessing game where cheating is impossible, consisting of a web-based UI, and a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain where you would typically find the backend.

We'll show that, especially in immature development environments, good coding practices such as Test-Driven Development and Pair Programming reign supreme.

Stefan van den Oord & Mark Spanbroek
Software Architect & Software Designer, Philips

Stefan van den Oord, a software architect at Philips Research, is passionate about privacy and digital identity. He works in the Digital Trust team where innovative solutions are designed to better deal with people's data and to improve their control over their own data.

Mark Spanbroek writes software. His main interest is in in software that empowers people to enjoy their freedom and privacy. He is currently employed at Philips Research, where he works on software that helps people to take control of their online identities.