Product Thinking: how to create the right product using Personas, Storymapping, and User Journeys

by Joel Tosi

Design & UX English
Design & UX

Product Thinking - understanding the context and impacts of the product you are building - makes it simpler to build the right thing well. In this session, we will discuss common Product Thinking practices including Product Chartering, Personas, Storymapping, and User Journeys to look at how these practices influence and compliment technical practices. Leave this session with ideas on how to start applying product thinking practices immediately to your work.

Joel Tosi
Principal, Red Green Innovate

Joel Tosi, co-author of 'Creating Your Dojo - Upskill Your Organization for Digital Evolution' began exploring ways to build better software as an engineer and architect in the early 2000s. Since then, Joel has coached software teams of all sizes in industries ranging from healthcare to finance. He's spoken at and helped organize conferences world wide. Joel lives in Chicago with his wife and three children.