Implementing Event-Driven Microservices

by Nikhil Barthwal

Microservices English

Event-Driven Microservices architecture has gained a lot of attention recently. The trend in the industry is to move away from Monolithic applications to Microservices to innovate faster. While Microservices have their benefits, they also come with drawbacks. One major drawback is the problem of distributed data management, as each Microservice has its own database.

Nikhil Barthwal
Tech Lead, Google

Nikhil Barthwal is passionate about building distributed systems. He has several years of work experience in both big companies & smaller startups and also acts as a mentor to several startups. Currently, He is Tech Lead in Google Cloud Platform working on Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads.

Outside of work, he speaks at local meetups as well as international conferences on several topics related to Distributed systems & Programming Languages. You can know more him via his homepage