How to Refactor your Software Architecture?

by Alex Fernández

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When confronted with a working system, there are two opposite views that are often thrown around: either work within the limits of the system, or just throw everything away and start over. But the seasoned engineer will often propose a third way: reinforce the weak points of the system and keep improving it. Technical debt is paid over time instead of accumulating; the results can be astounding in just a few months. In this webinar we will see how to refactor the architecture of your system while it is running and everyone is working on it. We will also review a couple of first-hand practical cases to see how it is done in practice."

Alex Fernández
CTO, Influencity

Alex Fernández is a developer with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. Shameless tinkerer since forever, he likes building more than adapting and adapting more than configuring. Now back to management roles forced by restlessness :/