How To Handle Developers Without Tech Degree

by Sergei Poliakov

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According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2019 around 37% of its participants don't have a tech degree. That means they don't have any university degree or have it in the fields that are not related to tech - and more are coming.In this webinar, we will talk about how to handle best the ones who ""don'thave a Computer Sciencedegree"", who came from humanities and/or are self-taught developers. We will talk about how they will help you and your company with their background knowledge.

Sergei Poliakov
Frontend Engineer, travel audience GmbH - an Amadeus Company

Sergey is a Frontend Engineer at Travel Audience in Berlin. He is working with React, GraphQL, TypeScript and styled-components. Although he is only 29, it's already his second career. Before he got a Bachelor and Master Degree in Journalism in Saint-Petersburg and was working for a small travel startup until the fall of the Russian rouble in 2014. It was then when he made his best investment - he learned how to code.