How to develop your first cloud-native Applications with Java

by Harald Uebele

Kubernetes English

For cloud-native applications, Kubernetes and Istio provide key functionality for microservices independent of their programming language and without changes to their application logic. However, some functionality must be handled in the business logic of the microservices, e.g. application-specific failover functionality, metrics, and fine-grained authorization. In this webinar, we'll show how to create microservices with JavaEE and Eclipse MicroProfile and how to run them on Kubernetes and Istio. We will use our Cloud Native Starter example which we open-sourced on Github.

Harald Uebele
Developer Advocate, IBM

Harald works as developer advocate for the IBM Developer team and is based in Stuttgart. He has worked with cloud technologies for the past 7 years and is a fan of open source. In his job as developer advocate he supports and educates developers on open source and cloud technologies.