Functional programming: How to wrap your imperative mind around Clojure

by Mey Beisaron

Functional Programming English
Functional Programming

When was the last time you completely had to change the way you think when you develop a program?If you will decide to develop in a functional programming language Mey guarantees you - that's what you'll have to do.Functional programming will require from you to unlearn a few concepts - Although it may sound weird opening your mind to new ways of thinking will always take your programming skills one step forward. Join her in this webinar and she'll show you exactly how to do it.

Mey Beisaron
Backend Developer, Appsflyer

Mey is a public speaker, a backend developer and a Software Engineer. When she is not spending her weekends at hackathons, she experiments with algorithms or learns languages such as russian, french & Clojure. Mey is also a sworn star wars fan. May the force be with you.