Fn Project - an Open Source Serverless Framework

by Gabriele Provinciali

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The webinar will explore, with practical examples, the features and the characteristics of the open source serverless platform Fn Project (http://fnproject.io). The main themes will cover the inherent polyglot model (choice of run-times for developers), the ease of use (boilerplate code generation) and the deployment flexibility (on Laptop, on premise, on any cloud).

Gabriele Provinciali
Solution Architect, Oracle

Gabriele Provinciali is a Solution Architect in Oracle Italia, and currently working as Technology Advisor in Oracle enterprise accounts, covering Software Development, Containers, Microservices, Orchestrators & Serverless Frameworks. Provinciali has a long and proficient experience in the Telco Sector (Ericsson, British Telecom, and Marconi Communications) and in the Information Technology area (Sun, EMC, Silverstream, IONA, BEA, CA, Oracle).