Discover Realm: a new and powerful mobile database

by Stefano Del Furia

Mobile English

While the Server and Cloud domains know a myriad of vendors and database types to choose from, the same can't be said for the mobile field, where alternatives have always been scarce. Realm is a powerful and innovative OpenSource database, that can be used in website and for develop Mobile applications for every platforms in a short time. Off-line first approach, speed, and advanced features, such as data encryption, two-way sync and reactive architecture, will make one forget the old kind of data access models.

Stefano Del Furia
Director of Digital Innovation, Campus DaVinci

Director of Digital Innovation @ Campus DaVinci (Umbertide - PG), one of the most innovative high school in Italy. Enthusiastic adopter of C# and .NET since the first versions in early 2000s. Software Architect and CTO @ STOA dealing with components and infrastructure's design for industrial automation's projects and business and production's management. Computer Science teacher / trainer and founder of EduDotNet.It a community devoted to the .NET Framework. Author of 5 books on C#, Database Design and SQL for Microsoft Press and on computer basics for RCS Education.