Commuting like a developer

by Anton Ball

Inspirational English

While remote work is the dream, reality for many of us is office work. Which means commuting. Have you paid much attention to your commute and how it affects your work day? I never did, just kept scrolling on my phone, until I decided to test three popular methods of commuting.

Join me on a journey to discover what skills you can take from commuting, including planning and organising your day, improving your mindfulness and wellbeing, or using the time to learn and develop new skills. I’ll share with you how you can find more time in the day through commuting and how you can create your own journey to happiness and growth.

Anton Ball
Front End Developer, Seven West Media

Anton is a creative UX technologist who prides himself on the delivery of robust, high quality and technically beautiful web and software solutions. Throughout his career, he has been an innovative leader and responsible for definition, strategy and execution of such projects. A large part of his role is mentoring developers on the importance of structure, clean code, web standards, accessibility and optimised web development.