Building an Enterprise-Class UI Architecture with Web Components

by Diego Ferreiro Val & Kevin Venkiteswaran

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Building a highly trusted, customisable UI for millions of users is hard. Having rigorous performance requirements and not break any existing customisations or code base is even harder.

To overcome these challenges, the UI Architecture Team at Salesforce created a solution that has just gone live: Lightning Web Components.

Thanks to this webinar you will learn how the team designed the UI architecture; the problems they encountered; and the solutions they built. These lessons will help you conquer your own UI architecture challenges.

Diego Ferreiro Val & Kevin Venkiteswaran
Principal Architects, Salesforce

Diego is a Principal Architect at Salesforce working on the core Platform & Co-architect of Lightning Web Components.

Kevin is a Principal Architect of Salesforce's UI Platform & Co-creator of Lightning Web Components (LWC).