Build Your First Web Component App

by Alba Rivas

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Web components have opened up new possibilities allowing us to extend standard web page features and use them to compose our web applications using markup. But using web components requires explicit knowledge of the APIs which support them, boilerplate code to implement them, and complexity in deciding how your web component will behave once it is attached to the DOM.

Lightning Web Components creates a lightweight layer which abstracts the more difficult parts of the web components APIs, allowing you to write components more easily.

See how quickly you can put together your first Lightning Web Components application as we build a simple conference management app.

Alba Rivas
Principal Developer Advocate, Salesforce

I am an enthusiastic Salesforce Developer who currently works as a Principal Developer Advocate at Salesforce, focused on Lightning adoption. I am 8x Salesforce certified and a former Salesforce MVP. I love being part of the Salesforce community and I am always ready to learn and to help. You can check out my github repo (, follow my blog ( or connect with me on twitter (@AlbaSFDC).