Ivo Guerra

Senior DE - NTT Data Italia

Not a long time ago i was a Senior Data Engineer with a passion for big data, streaming applications and the scala programming language. One day I've came across two really challenging topics in the IT world: Data Governance and Machine Learning Governance.. that day I fall in love with MLOPS. Rigth now I am happily involved in multiple projects that have MLOPS and ML Governance as their main topic.

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MLOps our antidote for the Machine Learning virus

Data is a new Virus able to modify the DNA and transform every organization into a super economic forerunner hero. Data scientists are the doctors. They enable the transformation inoculating the virus within their Machine Learning (ML) black box pills. But often their results do not last over time because ML Models rarely get into production. This is often related to the absence of a framework. Now it's time to make the treatment permanent. Our solution can be seen as an MLOPS framework that aims to deploy, scale, and monitor every step of an ML System.

Language: Italian

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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