Alessandro Bassano

Director of Cyber Security Lab & Head of Cyber Security Italy - ZTE

Currently have responsibility for ZTE's Cyber Security lab.My work has brought me to South America, Russia, Asia and Europe managing for some years the Cyber Security of critical infrastructures dedicated to the production and distribution of energy.I have developed firmware for control systems used in space propulsion,designed OT, SCADA, DCS systems and "secure" telecommunication systems used in sensitive installations (nuclear plants).CyberSecurity lecturer at the HomelandSecurity Master of the Biomedical campus of Rome and at the SIOI Italian Society for International Organization and LUMSA

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5G and cyber security of new mobile radio networks. A new approach to security.

5G mobile radio systems in addition to significantly exceeding past generations in terms of radio traffic management capacity, will be able to provide a highly efficient infrastructure to support highly diversified and heterogeneous services. A scenario of this type requires radically and completely new Cyber Security models, which must be able to overcome the now obsolete and outdated approach to security "OneSize Fits All" that has characterized cell phone systems, and not only , up to the last 4 generation of devices.

Language: Italian

Level: Advanced

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