Carlo D'Acunto

CTO - Soldo

CTO at Soldo, digital expert and entrepreneur, working across Europe (Rome, London, Dublin). Former CTO and co-founder of Gioco Digitale and software and system architect in large enterprises.

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Microservices and microfrontend, stay tuned on edge technology.

How to build microservices in the back end of a complex domain and evolve as the knowledge of the domain grows? And how to manage the migration from monolithic web applications to microfrontend webapps? How to evolve from Rest to GraphQL? In our session we will put together complexity and decomposition to show how new technologies enable the fintech revolution: #Eureka, #Springboot, #Serverless, #GraphQL, #ReactNative, #SingleSpa. Co-speakers: Fabio Grucci, technology evangelist, OS contributor and backend lead architect at Soldo; Alessia Rizzo, frontend passionate and lead architect at Soldo.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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