Juna Salviati

Software Engineer - CommonGrounds SRL

Juna has always been curious about technology and computers so she wrote her first line of code at 10. She continued to write code and graduated as a Software Engineer. She have always been cultivating a passion for classical studies, humanities and is fascinated by communication studies and human-machine interaction. She is currently co-leader of GDG Rome and Women Techmakers Ambassador.

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Random and strategic networks: a gentle introduction

Networks play a crucial role in our lives: relationships, trades and even human languages can be modelized as a set of nodes and edges. But how do social networks form? Why do they evolve in some specific ways? In this 0-math talk we will try to explain "how"s and "why"s of social and economic networks formation by analizing some mathematical models and introducing some challenges that arise when trying to implement them.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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