Nicola Guglielmi

Innovation Manager - Geotec SPA

I booted my first computer at 10 and since then I never stopped learning and researching every day. In more than 20 years I explored almost any IT area, going deeper on some, with a special focus on server infrastructures, Cloud and Serverless paradigm, IoT, HW/SW integration, networking and sensing. In the last years I investigated the effectiveness of team management and the extraordinary results that a well motivated and focused team can reach. I’m the leader of GDG chapter of Campobasso (yes, Molise exists!), organizing events, speaking and keeping the community grow.

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Change the company or change company!

The speech approaches the problem of being driver of changes your company. I'll give some advice about how to start changing and where to start from, analyzing why outperforming in the right way is a great investment for your career. I will expose the threshold between change the company and evaluate the next job hop in a constant professional growth path.

Language: Italian

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Videos and slides not available

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