Peer Stritzinger

Founder and Managing Director - Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Peer ported Erlang to Hard-Realtime Operating system RTEMS ( He developed in Erlang the Hydraprog automotive control unit flashing device, which has been used successfully all over the world for over a decade. Since 2007 the firmware of the device is written mainly in Erlang - including protocol stacks for all existing automotive protocols. He currently serves as Board member in the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation ( Peer's previous experience ranges from low level device drivers to functional languages in industrial and automotive applications, he initially mastered in

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Why running Erlang or Elixir on Real Bare Metal Changes Everything

Running Erlang and Elixir on small embedded devices aka IoT Edge Nodes gets us a paradigm shift compared to the traditional development approach. Adding fault tolerance, soft-realtime, hot code loading and transparent distributed computing is a real game changer for building embedded systems. Thats why we built the GRiSP ( platform which allows to run the full Erlang VM directly on the hardware as a kind of Unikernel operating system. We will showcase real world use-cases and live demo the strength of this approach, when combined with string tooling.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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