Michelle Laurenti

Software Architect - moveax

Michelle dropped out of a master's degree in Computer Science to pursue a gender change, and started working as a front-end developer at Chainside, where she became passionate about how well-designed front-ends can hide complex back-end logics. She is currently working as a Software Architect at MovEax, getting her hands dirty modelling event-driven microservices, and trying to reconcile formal methods with front-end development.

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Formal front-ends aka complexity made easy

When working on complex front-end applications the need arises to clearly separate the state and the data of the app. What if some action can only be performed if some conditions are met? Or some action must be automatically performed in a particular scenario? Implementing such apps from scratch is error prone and... painful. In this talk I will show how to model front-end applications using state machines, and how that modelling translates directly to code using redux-sigma, a library built on top of redux and redux-saga.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Videos and slides not available

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