Raul Valentini

Technical Account Manager - Key Partner

I am a full stack developer with a strong propensity for the frontend layer. Specialized in the design and implementation of MEAN applications, I chose Angular as main framework for developing the Frontend layer. Passionate about Node JS, Vanilla JS and Angular I'm always looking for new knowledge with which to broaden my technical background. I am an active member of the Angular Rome community and I try to spread the importance of sharing the experiences of everyone with the community.

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Face common security risks of your serverless applications

The rise of serverless architectures gives us the opportunity to take advantage of some shortcut that we cannot ignore while developing our applications. Often, however, we tend to underestimate the security risks of what we are developping, assuming that the use of infrastructure and services from large providers relieves us from the responsibilities of developing proper security. In this speech we'll use a standard MEAN application designed for serverless architectures and we'll analyze the main errors in security management, based on Puresec's "Serverless Architectures Security Top" guide

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

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