Dr J Harrison

Harbinger of Change - ThoughtWorks

Dr J joined ThoughtWorks as a Business Analyst, they have almost 20 years experience from their work implementing Call Centres, and building service teams for Symbian and then Nokia. They then spent 4 years working in Design Agencies and freelancing before they joined ThoughtWorks. They gave themselves the job title “Harbinger of Change” because if you’re talking to them change is definitely coming. They are most fired up by getting businesses to make the changes they need to get process software and people aligned. They are passionate about getting the business to come along on the journey.

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Stop kicking their shins! How the Knight of Swords becomes a General

The Knight of Swords sweeps across the horizon, riding sword drawn into the howling gale, visor askew, with no shield in sight. How do we make such an energetic solitary figure into the general of an army? Through tales of battles as the Knight of Swords, some queer theory and practical examples, this tells how to bring people into the fray as Allies, and keep them connected with the battles. Small changes sometimes have big impacts.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

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