James Milner

Software Engineer - Dent Reality

James is a fullstack software developer with a history of building immersive web applications with both corporates and startups. His background is in geospatial technologies for which he still has a passion. He is a fan of all things web development, particularly frontend with a penchant for exploring the potentials of the platform. During working life he spends time considering user experience patterns, building UIs and mulling over performance. Out of work James maintains an active blog chronicling his adventures into web development, and is a speaker at London development meetups and beyond

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WebAssembly: Changing the Web Forever?

WebAssembly provides a new way to write consistently performant code for the web (and beyond!) from a selection of different source languages. The technology has seen a modest amount of attention from the web development, but are we just scratching the surface? Will it soon change how we build web applications forever? This talk aims to take the user through WebAssembly fundamentals and later to probing answers to these deeper questions.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Videos and slides not available

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